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What music lessons look like at Musicians' Alley:

Musicians' Alley music lessons are in the back of the store and can be accessed in the Alley next to Musicians' Alley. You can contact Musicians' Alley about music lessons either on the phone, in the store, or you can contact the teachers individually using the website. 






How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost $20 per lesson and are paid at the beginning of each month, depending on how many lessons you have planned for the month.

How can I setup a lesson time?

Lessons can be setup by calling Musicians' Alley at 419-625-3688, and we will pass off your information to the teacher who will fit your needs the best!

When do lessons take place?

Lessons take place Monday through Saturday, and are off on Sundays. After a inquire call to Musicians' Alley a teacher will contact you and give you more specific information regarding time slots.

How long do lessons last?

Lessons are scheduled in time slots of 30 minutes, and are scheduled by the teachers, not the store. 

Where do lessons take place?

Lessons take place in our lesson studio in the back of the store. The studio can be accessed by going through the store, or by entering through the student entrance in the Alley.

What Instruments can I take lessons on?

We give lessons on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, ukulele, keyboard, and violin!

Lessons Frequently asked questions:




Studied at: Capital University

Ryan is the coolest cat in the Alley. With lessons that get you moving towards a gig, and teach you the bassics, Ryan will get you shredding like no one else on the lake!

Glenn Bluhm

Studied at: Berkeley 

Glenn has taught probably 45% of the guitarists that live in Erie County. He has also taught our other two guitar teachers that now work in the store. Needless to say, this man knows guitar.

Jaron White

Studied at: BGSU

Being taught by Glenn and the professors at BGSU, Jaron is our newest guitar teacher. Being a big jazz cat, Jaron takes a deep dive into music theory in his lessons and how that translates through the neck.

Brian Stitak

Studied at: Heidelberg University

Bio photo.jpg

Over 30 years teaching instrumental music (band and orchestra) in Ohio public school. Taught grades 5-12 and college level. Currently employed as the Director of Orchestras for the Norwalk City School District.

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