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Our Story


Picture taken in Original location in 1989

From left to right: Glenn Bluhm (Guitar Instructor), Mike Matter (Co-Founder), Glenn Armstrong (Drum Instructor), George Gast (Co-Founder), and Fred Kochendoerfer (Guitar Instructor).

Musicians’ Alley has been supplying locals artists, venues, and institutions with reliable music equipment for the last 34 years. Founded by George Gast and Mike Matter, the local music store from Sandusky Ohio is the anchor for the Sandusky music scene. The store specializes in stringed instruments and carries brands such as Martin, Yamaha, Ibanez, and many more! Feel free to stop by ‘the Alley’ and find your next dream instrument! 



George Gast

George is Co-owner of Musicians' Alley. George is always hanging around the store and probably the man you would call the "Mascot" of Musicians Alley. Stop by and I'm sure he will try and sell you something.

Mike Matter

Mike is Co-owner of Musicians' Alley, and is the numbers guy. Not a lot of people actually know what he does back by his desk, heck I don't even know and I'm supposed to be writing these bios. Whatever he does it keeps the store going!

Evan Hoffman

Evan showed up to the Alley one day planning on playing as many guitars as he could until he was kicked out. For some reason George and Mike found this charming, now Evan works with sales and online engagement.

The Musicians' Alley Touch

Musicians' Alley has been owned and operated by George Gast and Mike Matter since opening on January 3, 1989. Musicians' Alley has been growing the local music community ever since, all while providing quality music products and services. In the store we carry guitars, basses, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, PA equipment, keyboards, drums, and a wide array of music accessories. Musicians' Alley offers special discounts on products that are in the store and on product that we order, meaning that the store might be able to give you better prices on music equipment that you've been looking for.


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